Before Mutant Mudds existed as a retro style 3DS eShop title it was known as Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds and  looked like a 3rd person 3D platformer.  At that time it was also slated for a possible release on DSiWare and I personally didn’t find the title to look that exciting.

Skip ahead and now the game has seen a complete revision.  Mutant Mudds, as it’s now called, is being made as an 8-bit style retro platformer for the 3DS eShop!  As soon as I the new style for the game I wanted to learn more.

Jools Watsham, who is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Renegade Kid, the company behind Mutant Mudds, mentioned that he’d be giving away free Mutant Mudds goods for those that ran into him at E3.  Well I just happened to take him up on that offer and received couple of Mutant Mudds stickers and Key Chains!  Jools then told me that I was the first one to track him down and pulled out a demo of the game for me to try out.

The Mutant Mudds demo had three levels each with a different difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard).  I was fortunate, and grateful, to finish each stage.

In Mutant Mudds the player takes control of Maximilian and attempts to complete a stage in a traditional platformer style.  Maximilian can duck, fire his water canon, jump, and hover with a jetpack.  Maximilian isn’t the fastest character which makes this game a bit slow paced since he can’t run, but it’s still fun.  Jools said I played the game aggressively since I tried to rush through but I just took it as a compliment as this was just my play style.

Throughout each stage Maximilian can collect, I believe, up to 100 diamonds.  Successfully collecting all of the diamonds can then be used to unlock other bonus stages later on.  Be warned through, even in the demo I found at least one diamond that was very tricky to get.  I hope there are several hard to get diamonds in the final version.

I did also manage to find an area hidden within a stage, but it was blocked off.  Jools told me that it would be added in a later version.

One of the best features of Muntant Mudds was the use of the 3D effects.  Maximilian, when standing on special jump panels, can jump closer to the foreground, or into the background.  When this happens the 3D depth can really be seen.  I wouldn’t even recommend trying to play without the 3D on since it looks so good.

Overall I had a fun time with Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds.  It’s a 3DS eShop title that is definitely on my radar and should be on yours as well!  For more information check out the official site at

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