While the RipTen podcasts are on hiatus, why not check out our friends Joel Gardiner (fps_Doug) and Derek Sweet as they break down current events, and talk about how awesome RipTen is.

Episode 33 of the show features discussion over the proper pronunciation of L.A. Noire, the now finished E3 2011 convention, whether Derek is a sissy for crying over Tomb Raider (Ed: He is) and plenty more.

Actor/Writer Joel F Gardiner and Comedian Derek Sweet discuss whatever is on their minds.  While videogames are often the focus of conversation, topics of discussion can be almost anything.  One thing is for sure, it’s always hilarious and entertaining.

Meet the Cast:

Joel F Gardiner: Twitter – @joelgardinerPersonal Site
Derek Sweet: Twitter – @sweetcomedianPersonal Site

Stuck in the Middle of Somewhere – Episode 33

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