Battle Mii is a Wii U tech demo shown at E3 2011.  Battle Mii, which is a three-player demo, required one player to use the new Wii U controller while the other two players would use a Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo.

The game is a third person/ship shooter.  The two players using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combos have to play off the TV screen, in vertical split screen, and run around on foot.  These players look like Mii characters in Samus suits, which was enough to get me excited.  The one player using the new Wii U controller had to control a ship that resembled Samus Aran’s ship from Metroid.  This player would have to play exclusively off the new Wii U controller’s screen making it so that the other players can’t see exactly where this player is.

The objective in Battle Mii is for the two players on foot to shoot down the player controlling the ship.  The person controlling the ship would have to either destroy the two players on foot or to survive a preset amount of time.  Each player on foot had three hit points while the ship had six.

The demo started up with a brief tutorial to allow all players to familiarize themselves with the controls of the game.  This involved learning how to move the characters/ship around and shooting targets.

The players on foot would use the Wii Remote to aim at the TV screen to shoot.  The control stick would move the player around, while holding A would allow players to look and move around more like a modern day first person shooter while still staying in third person view.  Shaking the Wii remote, while holding a direction on the control stick, allowed the character to dive or roll.  Pressing the Z button put the character in Morph Ball mode, which didn’t have any advantages except that if the player were to roll into a special area on the ground it would warp them onto the top of a structure.  And finally the B button would fire shots.  Holding the B button and charging up a shot would launch a grenade.  This would seem useless at first, since the object is to destroy a flying ship, but the grenade could be shot in mid air to cover a larger area.

The ships controls were a bit more complex.  The left control stick would allow the ship to strafe left and right, while the right control stick would turn the ship and let it gain or lose altitude.  Holding the L button would zoom in, making hitting those pesky on foot foes easier.  The R button would fire shots, and just like the characters on foot, holding the R button would charge up a shot to fire a grenade.  Moving the Wii U controller around would give the player the option to look around freely, but I found this to be a bit difficult to use.  It may have been better given more time to adjust.

After the tutorial the game would begin as each side would compete to complete their objective in the battle arena.  Battle Mii also had different power ups and such that would be placed in the arena, but unfortunately I didn’t get any of them so I don’t know exactly how they change the game.

I found my time with Battle Mii to be a fun one overall and something I would definitely love to play again with friends.  The ships controls were a bit complex but I have a feeling that they could be mastered with more time with the title.  Having the Wii U controller tethered didn’t make using the motion controls much easier either.

Overall, while Battle Mii was nothing more than a tech demo I think that it could be a great game to throw in on a disc that could launch with the Wii U in order to give new owners a sense of what’s possible with the new hardware.  I’m willing to bet that this won’t be the last time we will see this game.

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