Assassin’s Creed: Revelations was shown to us at Ubisoft‘s press conference and also behind closed doors during E3.  The game demonstrated impressive new tactics which also hint at the story’s direction.  Come along as we tell you all about it.

The newest gameplay, instead of touting Ezio as an invincible badass, shows the weakness that his old age has cursed him with, as well as the strength it has endowed him with. Glimpses of Altair haunt Ezio as he continues to work toward an end of the war between the Templars and the Assassins, using relics his ancestor leads him to.

The gameplay that was shown at E3 was the same both in the press conference and in my closed door meetings, and while it wasn’t exactly the sort of thing that a hardcore Assassin’s Creed fan such as myself wanted to see, it did a good job of showing off what the next game will be capable of. That being said, hopefully what was shown doesn’t represent what the entire game will be like.

It seems that Ubisoft Montreal got bored with the more expected stealth aspects of the series and decided to aim for OMGITSSOEPIC instead — the signature hidden assassin blades are still prevalent throughout the gameplay, but now over the top scenes will have you bringing down an entire fleet of ships with a flamethrower as well…

We started out with Ezio trapped in the city of Constantinople in 1511 A.D. — the setting obviously entirely different from the Italian renaissance scenery fans have grown accustomed to. Paths filled with spices, gypsies (the replacements for the courtesans in previous games) and a plethora of vibrantly colored silks displayed for sale. A meeting had been arranged to assist Ezio in his escape, but it involved the removal of a massive chain that was blocking Ezio’s ship from departing. In order to achieve this, a larger-than-necessary smoke bomb was used on some guards, but instead of only being able to throw the smoke bomb at his feet, Ezio can now aim and throw the smoke bomb wherever it’s needed.  A bleeding effect from Desmond’s overexposure to the Animus has also made Ezio’s eagle vision evolve into Eagle sense, so he can “see” through smoke and other less-than-ideal conditions.  This can be used to seek out foes and defeat them as efficiently as possible, but also makes it seem like the game could become too easy if the smoke bombs are available too readily.

Once Ezio had defeated the guards, he had to bring down a tower, similar to the destruction of the Borgia towers in Brotherhood. This released the chain that had been halting his progression, and allowed him to board one of the ships to kill everyone (of course). Ezio’s loyal brotherhood was of course available to annihilate the guards on the other ships while Ezio took action by igniting everything in sight. This however is where it started to feel like overkill, so hopefully it’s just because the demo was trying to show off everything it could within ten minutes.  I’d just like to get back to, you know… assassinating people.

Anyhow, here is what we saw:

The multiplayer part of Revelations is very similar to Brotherhood, although added abilities obviously change things up a bit.  The game modes have been expanded to allow for guilds and a more team-based style, however the basic cat-and-mouse mode was the only one available to play.

After we played for awhile, we were guided into a room where two real life Animus chairs were positioned in front of a TV, and the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was explained to us.

Beware: spoilers incoming. (Highlight to read)

At the end, when Desmond stabs Lucy and passes out, he goes into a coma and wakes up in the Black Room, which is an area where the Animus pretty much doesn’t work except for producing raw data. All of the bleeding of Ezio and Altair into Desmond’s mind has scrambled his mind, so he essentially has no idea what’s going on, and is trying to find a way out of the Animus. It seems like since this game is the end of Ezio’s part of the story, Desmond either must get out or figure out how to embody a dead guy. Fantastic.

While we still have five more months to wait for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, it seems as if it will definitely be worth it. With improvements to the gameplay mechanics, explanations of what happened at the end of Brotherhood, and an impressive ending to Ezio’s story, any Assassin’s Creed fan would be foolish to skip this when it comes out in November… unless you’re only on PC, in which case you can expect it in 2012.

Besides, if this epic trend continues, I think we all know there the series is heading next…

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