Brothers in Arms has always been praised for its dedication to historical accuracy. The story of Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker is a beloved one steeped in realism. Furious 4, however, is the exact opposite. It’s a tall tale of four men fighting the war on German soil, killing Nazis and getting that sweet, sweet revenge that we were rewarded with in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds— but let’s face it. That movie needed at least fifty more scenes of Nazi ass-kicking. Furious 4 does exactly that.  Get Some.

Developed by Gearbox and published by Ubisoft, It’s a vast departure from the rest of the serious– but this game looks to spice up the franchise with action-oriented, co-op gameplay designed to let you and your buddies lay waste to the Third Reich. We watched as our guides demo’d a level for us, introducing the stars of Furious 4.  Montana, a mini-gun toting lumberjack.  Chok, a vicious Native American solider.  Stitch, an Irish medic with a few loose screws, and Crockett, the best damn killer that Texas has to offer.  The devs showed off the different styles of combat and how each character specialized in different areas, both ranged and melee.  For instance, Montana is a hulking tank– slower than the rest, but incredibly powerful. Plus, he’s got chainsaws… and bear traps.  Maximum ownage. The demo ended with a boss battle, featuring a massive Nazi toting a giant metal shield. Many bullets later, everything exploded. I may have blacked out for a few seconds.

The world of Furious 4 is more stylized than the rest of the series, depicting embellished buildings, carnivals and fairs filled with German soldiers who are sporting ridiculous shields and decorative helmets. It’s a little bit silly, but the focus remains on the large number of asses you can kick in a matter of minutes. It’s about annihilating your enemies and having a great time while doing it. The HuD isn’t crowded and it looks like a game that would be easy to pick up and put down. It’s brutal– heads roll, bodies fall apart, and there’s enough blood spray for everyone. If you can get over some of the more ridiculous moments, like sending ferris wheels rolling and destroying airborne zeppelins (heck, you can have some fun with that) then you won’t be disappointed.

While we weren’t able to try this game out for ourselves, looking over the shoulders of the devs was rewarding enough. The game just looks like a riot. There are wanted posters scattered throughout the game. Find each poster and sign your name over your mugshot and you’ll be rewarded with a trophy/achievement for sticking it to the man.  If you’re a WWII elitist who scoffs at the idea of cutting loose and letting the imagination take over, then this is a title you’ll end up passing over. Still, I encourage you to keep it on your radar. We were assured that the story of Baker and his squad would resume one day, but for now, it’s all about the Furious 4. It looks gritty and fun– a guilty pleasure for those of us who daydream about all the ass we would have kicked if given the opportunity to go back in time and pound some Nazi’s into the ground. Take that, Hitler. Now have a trailer.

Look for Brothers in Arms Furious for on Xbox 260, Playstation 3, and PC in the first half of 2012.