Chase Mii is yet another Wii U tech demo that really reminded me of Pac-Man Vs.  The game is a five-player demo that requires one player to use the new Wii U controller and the other four to use Wii Remotes.  The player using the Wii U controller had the job of trying to run away, while the other four players were trying to work as a team to catch the lone player.  The player that is running away was a Mii dressed like Mario while the players doing the chasing were Mii characters dressed like Toads.

The game starts out with every player in the middle of an arena that is like a giant maze.  This arena is split into four quadrants that are given a different color each (blue, yellow, green, and red).   The running player is given a 15 second head start to run away and hide before the other players can begin to chase after them.

What makes this game unique is that the player that is running plays off the Wii U controller’s screen.  This screen shows the player where they are running and also give the player an overall map of the entire arena which shows where each of the chasers currently are.

Those that are doing the chasing can only see what is shown on the TV screen, and there is no map there.  This lack of information makes communication between chasers vital.  The only information these chasers are given, per player, is how far away they are from the one they are chasing in yards.  So if you are moving in a direction and that number is going down, then the chaser knows they are headed in the right direction.

It’s the job of the runner to last two and a half minutes without being caught.  Chasers, once close, could press the 1 button on the Wii remote to dive at the runner.

This demo was very fun and gave a glimpse of what we could expect from certain multiplayer experiences on the Wii U.  This type of experience, where some players have more information than others, is something Nintendo has tried to push before in the past with the GameCube and Game Boy Advance connectivity and it’s nice to see that it’s finally becoming more of a reality this time around.  I hope that this isn’t the last time I have a chance to play Chase Mii as I feel that it could be a great addition in a mini game compilation disc along side Battle Mii at the launch of the system in order to show off what can be done with the new Wii U controller!

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