Nintendo showed off two HD experiences at E3 2011.  These were basically just interactive HD videos that could be seen on Wii U hardware.  However, they were still impressive.

The Zelda HD experience, which had the Twilight Princess Visuals, was interactive in its own way.  People viewing the experience could use the Wii U controller to change the lighting, put the experience on the controller, and use the Circle Pad to move the view around a bit.

The Bird/Nature experience followed the path of a bird in a Japanese type setting.  The images on the Wii U controller would just show another view into the game world and would occasionally give the viewer the ability to see the bird fly by.  The view on the TV screen mainly focuses on the bird itself.

While both experiences looked fantastic, one could notice that viewing the demos on the controller wouldn’t look as nice as on the TV screen.  However don’t take this the wrong way.  Even though it looks nicer on the TV the demos still looked sharp on the Wii U controller, it’s just that if you were to look closely you could see that it was a bit better on the TV.  The screen on the controller can still do a fantastic job at displaying high quality images on its own.

These tech demos will likely never become actually products, but I know many Zelda fans are hoping otherwise.  In any case fans wishing for a great looking experience on the Wii U don’t need to worry as Nintendo has finally embraced HD.

Now it’s time for me to start looking for a HD capable TV that can also accommodate older gaming platforms without lag or making the retro games look awful.  I have a feeling I’m going to have a long agonizing search.

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