In a surprise announcement that I don’t think anyone saw coming, Nintendo revealed a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS.  Luigi’s Mansion was one of the GameCube’s launch titles back in 2001.  This sequel aims to improve on the formula on the original and give Luigi yet another game to call his own.

The controls in Luigi’s Mansion 2 do take some getting used to.  The R button sucks things up with the vacuum while the L button makes the vacuum blow.  The A button allows Luigi to flash his flashlight which can stun ghosts.  B was used for running and the X button let Luigi look/aim up.  The bottom screen was used for a map.

The demo started off with Luigi outside of a mansion.  From there players could navigate their way inside.  Both inside the mansion and outside had coins and cash hidden in various places.

Inside the mansion also features some non-ghosts enemies that seemed unimportant.  These were things like spiders that could be easily sucked up with the vacuum but could deal some damage to Luigi if they collided.

The Luigi’s Mansion 2 demo required players to explore the mansion looking for keys in different rooms in order to advance further.  Often times once a key was found the doors would lock and make the player capture a few easy ghosts.  These ghosts needed to be stunned with the flashlight before being sucked up.

Occasionally there were some bigger red ghosts to fight that took longer to suck up.  As the demo progressed I found that I would run into multiple of these mini boss type ghosts in addition to the regular ones.  All the ghosts could deal damage and the real challenge was trying to get each ghost currently in the room to be within the same vacuum suction path so that they would be unable to attack and thus break the suction stream.

When sucking up a ghost the game would occasionally tell the player to press the A button and that would bring the down the ghosts countdown meter faster.  Once this meter hit zero, the ghost would successfully be sucked up in Luigi’s vacuum.

At the end of the demo there was a boss fight.  This one librarian type ghost would vanish in the library and Luigi would have to figure out where he was.  The room was filled with candles and when a few candles went out that was a signal for the player to flash their flashlight in that direction.  This would reveal the boss and leave it open to be sucked up!  Unlike other ghosts though, the boss would be throwing around books that could cause damage and thus break the stream for Luigi.  This made trying to move around to avoid getting hit by books important, but still extremely difficult since the ghosts own movement largely determine where Luigi is pulled too, though the player still has some control.

My major gripe with the overall control scheme was that the 3DS is missing a second Circle Pad.  In the original Luigi’s Mansion movement at the waist using the GameCube’s C-Stick made the overall control of the game much easier.  This time around it isn’t there to help and takes some getting used to.

I also felt that Luigi’s Mansion 2 might have had some frame rate issues at times, though it wasn’t that severe.  I just hope that the final product runs smoothly.  Yes I realize that this is a demo so things will probably be fixed up.

Overall Luigi’s Mansion 2 is a product that proved to me that it could be a much better than the original.  I wasn’t a big fan of the first title, but with the announced several mansions to explore in the sequel I am hopeful that Luigi’s Mansion 2 will have more meat than the first game.

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