Measure Up is a very basic, but fun, tech demo for the Wii U that demonstrated how the touch screen could be used on the new controller.  This demo could be played with one or two people, but I played with another person.

At the start of Measure Up the game instructs players to pick either Inches or, if you’re crazy, Centimeters.  This demo made use of the touch screen and stylus on the new Wii U controller and required each player to take turns using them.

Players would take turns seeing who could draw a one-inch line, triangle with one-inch sides, various angles, a circle with a 4-inch diameter, and a 14-inch squiggly line.  After each round the tech demo would score each player depending on how accurate they were.  At the end it would determine who won overall by who came out on top during the most rounds.

While the tech demo didn’t offer too much it was likely just there to show off what the world can expect from the Wii U’s touch screen.  I had a good time playing it but I can’t see this piece of software coming out as a standalone product.  It may, however, be possible to see Measure Up come with some other title such as a Brain Training game.

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