When the original BIT.TRIP BEAT hit the Wii’s WiiWare service I picked it up almost immediately.  I found this title to be fantastic and couldn’t put it down upon playing it.  Every moment I had free time I’d crawl back to my Wii in an attempt to complete the game, a task that I was eventually successful with.

Since then, Gaijin games, the studio behind the game, has released several other games in the series.  Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to play them on WiiWare but I’ve always wanted to.

Lucky for people like me, BIT.TRIP SAGA is coming to the Nintendo 3DS!  BIT.TRIP SAGA will put every title in the BIT.TRIP series onto one 3DS game cart and will soon be available at retail locations!  The games included in BIT.TRIP SAGA include:


During E3 I was lucky enough to go hands on with the title and started off by playing BIT.TRIP VOID.  This game has the player moving a black circle around in an attempt to catch as many black bits that fly in from all directions while avoiding the white ones.  As the player collects more and more black bits, their circle increases in size.  This makes the game more difficult but the player can press the A button to cash in their circle for a point bonus which in turn shrinks their circle.

I also made sure play the one BIT.TRIP title I was very familiar with, BIT.TRIP BEAT, in order to gauge how the 3DS version holds up to the WiiWare title.  Overall I was very impressed!  For those that don’t know, BIT.TRIP BEAT is like a single player version of Pong on crack with an amazing soundtrack.

BIT.TRIP BEAT now takes advantage of the stylus and touch screen in order to move the paddle around and I have to say this feels GREAT!  The new controls are very welcome and actually made the game easier and just feel better overall.

The 3D effects are also very cool.  My only complaint was that at one short point in the stage the background was popping up and causing a slight distraction during the actual gameplay.  This made seeing some of the bits that were flying in hard to see, but not impossible, and I noticed that turning the 3D off at this point made seeing the bits easier.  Still, this distraction at least looked cool but it did make the game a bit harder while it lasted.

Overall BIT.TRIP SAGA is a game that I’m looking forward to.  It will offer hours of fun and will make for a great portable gaming experience.  BIT.TRIP SAGA also offers replayability for those looking to improve their scores!  Keep an eye out for this one because it’s a game you don’t want to miss and those looking for a sneak peak should download some of the individual titles on WiiWare.

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