Heroes of Ruin is an action RPG that has a heavy focus on multiplayer.  From the start players have the option of picking from four unique classes.  The official description of each class is as follows:

Gunslinger – A former criminal turned wanderer, the Gunslinger’s every action is overshadowed by a massive monetary debt he must repay. He seeks riches, wields pistols, hurls bombs and is an evasive fighter.

Vindicator – Fallen from grace from his order, the Vindicator’s penance requires him to travel the world to find a way to redeem himself from shame. He seeks justice, he is strong and courageous and uses a mighty sword.

Alchitect – A student from a distant academy, the Alchitect is driven by personal rivalry to become the greatest spell caster in the land. She seeks knowledge and uses cunning strategy with devastating spells.

Savage – Exiled from his tribe, the Savage seeks the power and might necessary to return in blood soaked glory to his homeland. He lusts for blood, has brute like strength and is a frenzied fighter.

I played the game as a Savage and the Square Enix representative that played alongside me was a Gunslinger.

My time with the title was brief but featured a stage that was, as I was told, randomly generated.  This level was also complete with side quests as well as a main objective, which included destroying the main boss.  I didn’t have time to take a look at side quests featured in the demo so we went ahead, working as a team, looking for the boss, like a boss.

Throughout the stage enemies kept popping up.  We just kept using our character’s unique abilities to destroy them.  Fighting always took place in real time and the game felt very hack and slash.  After defeating enemies experience was handed out automatically and after a while the characters would level up.  After leveling it was possible to select specific talents that would, in effect, make the character unique in some ways.

Heroes of Ruin also had healing potions and everything else you would expect from a hack n slash.  Occasionally on our travels we would bump into better items that we could swap out for, with the simple press of one of the directions on the D-Pad, to stay in better gear.

The final game will feature Local Wireless and WiFi play.  Multiplayer is going to be a big focus for Heroes of Ruin and the WiFi mode will also support voice chat between players.  It was clear from my time with the title that communication between players will be extremely important in the heat of battle.

I was also told that an online community has been launched for the game.  Square Enix seems to really be pushing the online features of the title and wants this to be a successful title that is played with by many people online.

Heroes of Ruin was fun but I can see the continuous grind getting a little boring after a while.  I’m sure some people will love this title but I don’t know if I could personally keep doing the same repetitive things over and over even if the layout of the stages change.  I think the developers are going to have a rough time trying to get this game to catch on but I admire their effort.  Only time will tell if Heroes of Ruin will become a multiplayer smash hit, but I think Square Enix is going to have to market this game like crazy if they wish to succeed.

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