You can now register with Club Nintendo and your copy of Ocarina of Time 3DS to get a free soundtrack CD.

The CD has all the music from the game (what better soundtrack could you ask for?) as well as a bonus track for the CD only.

Before you get all excited about how brilliant Club Nintendo is, I’d just like to make sure everyone knows that my UK account worth over 5000 stars was recently wiped, leaving it with none at all. Wait too long, you see, and Nintendo decide you are no longer loyal enough and must be cast aside like a maggot that failed to catch a fish.

Still, a free CD is cool.


  1. @8af008dc81a18996e3f8a045d1e03f7f:disqus Same here, but Nintendo extended the offer to anyone who registered the game by midnight PST tonight. I believe that means even those who didn’t get the offer after the survey (not sure though, trying to look around for more info).