Kirby Mass Attack will be one of the last titles for the original Nintendo DS.  Some other sites kept saying that the DS would be dead after Okamiden (*cough* IGN), but I kept saying that Kirby Mass Attack as well as some of the other titles seen at E3 this year would keep the system going for a little while longer.

Kirby Mass Attack looks like a traditional Kirby game in many ways but is actually vastly different.  Controlling the game seemed to rely completely on the touch screen.  If the player wished for Kirby to move right all that the player would just have to hold the stylus on the right side of the screen.  The touch screen also gave Kirby the ability to be flicked at objects and enemies.

Kirby can also be moved around in a way that reminded me of Kirby: Canvas Curse.  If the player is to hold the stylus on Kirby a line can then be drawn in which Kirby slowly floats to.  This makes it possible to get to certain areas that a simple flick couldn’t reach.

What makes this Kirby title very unique is that up to 10 Kirby characters can be controlled at once.  Throughout the stage there are various fruits hidden and scattered about.  After each piece of fruit is picked up a meter fills up.  When the meter is full the game grants the player another Kirby!

Once massed together these Kirby characters can use their combined strength to do things a single one couldn’t.  In the demo this involved ganging up on enemies, by tapping them with the stylus, to do a massive group slam attack.  This Kirby mass could also use their weight to pull vines within the level environment to find hidden objects.  These vines often required a set amount of Kirby characters to be on them or it wouldn’t budge.

The controls in Kirby Mass Attack took some getting used to but I quickly caught on.  When massed up it’s easy to move all the characters around by having the characters walk, or just by moving them as a group with the new line drawing technique that I mentioned earlier.

While most people are clearly focused on the new 3DS software everyone should also be paying attention to Kirby Mass Attack as well as some of the other Nintendo DS titles announced at E3.  Even though I only had a short period of time with the demo I thought that Kirby Mass Attack showed me that it has the potential to be a great game.  Kirby Mass Attack is clearly a title that both DS and 3DS owners should keep an eye on.

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