Ocarina master Heather Scott is a celebrity in the Zelda world. She’s brought dozens of the series’ tracks to life with her collection of real-life ocarinas. Her YouTube channel is a treasure trove- filled with homages to the games’ most memorable songs. While Heather does have a few videos featuring music from other games (Halo, Final Fantasy, Star Trek), it’s her work in the Zelda fanosphere that has earned her the most recognition.

Heather just returned from Spain, where she performed several songs as a preview for  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The concert was made possible through efforts of Nintendo and STL Ocarina, Heather’s St. Louis-based group dedicated to reviving the ocarina. You can even purchase one of your own; the site offers a larger variety of styles and colors.

Hear the proof for yourself with Heather’s rendition of Saria’s Song.

Heather isn’t just a fantastic musician- she’s a fantastically geeky musician who’s used her skills to bring fans’ favorite songs to life. She’s even released a CD entitled “Echoes of Gerudo Valley (2011): Music from The Legend of Zelda,” a collection of some of her most beloved tracks on ocarina.  It’s available on iTunes.

As wonderful as her work in the Zelda franchise is, my personal favorite is, hands down, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”– four parts, all played by Heather on ocarina.

We’ve been talking with Heather’s people (yes, she has people) and we’re getting the details about her awesome music. We might even have an Ocarina to give away to one lucky reader very soon.  Stay tuned.