Nintendo has already said much about their next console at E3 this year. They’ve mentioned the controller, the features and the games… but what about achievements? What would happen if the Wii U obtained achievements, what would they look and be like? We’re here to show you.

WiiChevo’s – (We-cheev-ohs)

Yup that’s right. The unofficial name for my Wii U achievement presentation. I could have just went with Wii Achievements, or Wii Trophies but that’s too easy. I’m going to take it a step further. I started with a name, but now I’m going to show you what it would be like if the Wii U had achievements. Could you imagine playing the next Zelda and when you reach a point in the game you see this?

Yes I'm still on that joke.

Similar to the 360’s achievement system, you see a pop up message with the name of the WiiChevo and stars. Yes stars. Every time you think of Nintendo you think of one character. Mario, and Mario has a ridiculous, stupid amount of stars everywhere. So why not implement a star system? Each WiiChevo is tied to a number of stars, the maximum being 3 stars. As you progress through each Wii U game you can obtain a total of 50 stars per game, similar to how 360 has a maximum of 1000G per game. You’re probably thinking, “Why does this matter? Who’s going to see this?”. So, I present you with this. The Wii U…. err Mii U Gamer Card thingy.

Wii U, Mii U, Pee U, Card Thingy

This would be the card you could share with your friends online, Nintendo forums etc. You have your “Wii U Picture” in the top left, followed by the number of total stars you’ve earned across all Nintendo games. On the far right is your last 4 played games. Below that is a quote you can set to describe yourself, and at the bottom of course is your Wii U Tag, or whatever Nintendo plans to call it.  Now, of course one thing you do when browsing your collection of Achievements/Trophies is look at the nice little thumbnail picture it brings with each one. Since this entire article is about Wii U having achievements, I think it’s time I share a few that I’ve came up with myself.

What do you think? Could Nintendo really pull off some kind of achievement system for the Wii U?  More importantly would it make you play games just for WiiChevo’s?

Face it, people love these things. It’s an addiction. Gamers will buy the shittiest game on the planet just so they can complete it in a few hours to get 1000G.  If you’re the type of person who hates Achievements or Trophies, it’s possible you won’t have to worry with Nintendo, I’m just speculating, conceptualizing and having some fun.  Just don’t expect Microsoft or Sony to give up on these things so easily.

Meanwhile, feel free to make up your own WiiCheveo’s and share them in the comment section.


  1. I like the idea and all for it. I don’t know about the name but i do like the star idea. Achievements have definitely made games, for me, have more replay value. Numerous times i have gone back to past games which are on the shelf and grab some achievements. Not only can they be fun but also gives you a little challenge or alternate way to play the game and hey, you’re rewarded for doing so. Why not do it Nintendo, they’ve become a success on the 360 and PS3 and it’s one of the best new systems implemented in gaming this generation. If you don’t care for them, don’t worry about them, if you do then it’s something extra for you to play for.

    • The name was just for laughs ^_^ 
      I have to agree though. I’ve turned into a little achievement whore myself and always try to get as many as I can. Plus I do things in a game I wouldn’t normally do, so it’s all good fun. 

      • Exactly. The only downside to achievements is that they have split the gaming community somewhat. You have those that like them and try to gain them as an added bonus but then there are those who purposefully buy games just to whore them and not even enjoy or care for the game at all. I’m in the boat like you where i will try and earn as many as i can on the games i enjoy. The ones that i didn’t take to very much i usually just trade in after finishing. I think it’s foolish if Nintendo don’t jump on this bandwagon. Aslong as, of course, they don’t make their “achievements” extremely simple and make them quite attached to the player.

        My criticism with the PS3 Trophies for instance is that they are dug into one of the sub-menus and that you have to load them just to view them which, on occasion, fails to load with an error message. 360 got it perfect with your score being attached to your tag and all your achievements being on the front page and instantly available to view. If Nintendo manages to make a star system with pleasing and attaching UI, it’s a winner.

  2. it would be good great idea, but nintendo will dissapoint us there again by not adding any achievments. They dont like great ideas like HDD, bluray or DVD at all. Maybe in some other generation machine after wii u they will consider that.

  3. The star idea is awesome, and I’ve been saying Nintendo needs achievement or trophy style things for years. It would add to the replay value for so many games and it would help the Nintendo gaming community grow.

  4. I think the “Wiichevos” should appear on the bottom screen. I don’t like how trophies and achievements pop up on screen sometimes obscuring something, so it’d be nice if they popped up on a safe place like the bottom screen

    • That’s a really nice idea but it runs the risk of players “missing” it. One of the guilty pleasures of achievements is the “Bob” noise followed by the on screen prompt. It’s in your face so it’s hard to miss. If they were to unlock on the Wii U control screen, then if you missed an audio cue, players might get confused as to if they unlocked the reward or not because you weren’t looking down. If the control was to rumble or something aswell then that might be alright. Either that or simplify the design so that it’s a star/s followed by achievement name in the upper left corner of the TV.

      • Well Nintendo isn’t a baby company so that’s not funny. It never was, many “hardcore” gamers just perceive it that way because they want to be “cool” like their friends and make fun of a great company to make themselves feel better about their own.

  5. I think this would be awesome, I love games like zelda and mario, and having achievements would be something nice to have just for replay value or ways to play the game differently. However, although there would have to be more stars or whatever available for each achievement. It’s not enough to have up to 3 stars, I prefer it with the 360 achievements becasue they range from 1 to 100g normally. so that can differentiate the difficulty of the achievements more.

  6. I think they have to have an achievement system to compete and grab the hardcore gamers attention, which they are supposedly trying to do. I used to hate them but now I ask myself why I’m taking all this time to collect everything on a Wii game for no recognition. Sure they weren’t needed back in the NES days, but neither was online – games evolve, systems should too.

    I don’t think they’d use Wiichievos, but I could see them going with something like Accomplishments, that fits along the line of Achievements and Trophies. The stars idea is brilliant, I love it.

  7. Nope, there not needed, there a waste of virtual space. Unless they can tie it to unlockable stuff for Mii’s or DLC , then tere is no point

  8. Thats the problem with today’s “younger” gamers, they need to brag and say look what i got for wasting 100 hours of my life! Basically i find this crap pointless. Play cause you enjoy the game and want to play. Making these trophies / achievements was probably the dumbest thing ever. How would these poor kids survive back on the PS1’s.