Ubisoft celebrates 25 years of the Might & Magic franchise with the launch of the Might & Magic Heroes 6 beta.

Anyone who pre-orders Heroes 6 have access to the beta beginning on June 28th, and will be among the first to receive hands-on time with a collection of single-player and multiplayer maps. Below is the official press release with details on the contents of the beta:

Starting with two maps from the Tutorial Campaign, players will hear the story about the father of all the Campaign Heroes, and learn how to control the Haven and Orc units. From there, players will be introduced to Sanctuary faction in ‘The Fury and the Mire’ campaign map. This is the first map in the Sanctuary campaign and gives players the opportunity to explore new environments, the land of the Nagas and discover useful units, powers and cultures.

The multiplayer map will feature a classic, Heroes Legacy map from Heroes II, Broken Alliance. In Broken Alliance, up to human players are fighting for dominance of the lands against three computer players in control of the richer territories. The multiplayer map is a test of strategy and speed, and allows players to control new factions such as Inferno, Necropolis and Stronghold.

Additionally, the Might and Magic Heroes 6 Beta will introduce the community to a few of the rewards available in ‘The Conflux,’ The Conflux is an online tool integrated into the game to extend players experience and allow the whole community to be part of the adventure. Players will be able to create online profiles to share and compare achievements and progress, build up a dynasty of heroes and customize them with special dynasty weapons and traits, and access the Altar of Wishes for exclusive bonuses. Might & Magic Heroes 6 will be fully accessible offline but Conflux will only be available when connected to the internet.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered the game, I suggest you do so and not miss out on this beta.  Might & Magic Heroes 6 is set to release exclusively for PC on September 6, 2011.