Gearbox Software has some balls.  Balls of Steel in fact.  Not only have they brought Duke Nukem Forever back from the grave, but apparently they think they can pull off creating a direct sequel within one of the most storied film franchises in science fiction history… in the form of a first person shooter. 

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to take place right after Alien 3, but do Gearbox and Sega really have what it takes to make this game an official part of the Alien franchise?

Well, I locked Gearbox CCO and co-founder Brian Martel in a small room and asked him, just where do they get the balls?!

As you undoubtedly gathered from the interview, it’s not so much balls as it is a mutal sense of trust between 20th Century Fox, Sega and Gearbox.

Apparently it was the combined Alien fandom of Brian and his partner in crime Randy Pitchford that was enough to sway the powers that be and let Gearbox have their way with Fox’s beloved franchise.  God help them if they screw this up.

Luckily, after seeing Colonial Marines more up close and personal than an Alien facehugger, I can say that Gearbox and Sega are certainly taking things in the right direction… so far.

However, that still doesn’t make up for James Cameron’s racism toward black aliens…

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