Epic Games has just¬†announced……wait they didn’t announce anything. Unless you were out partying all weekend you would know the full version of Gears of War 3 has been leaked online.

Following the leak, tons of videos have made their way onto Youtube showing tons of footage from the game. Now of course we’re going to keep this spoiler free but that doesn’t mean there’s not a shit ton of content to share with you. Keep in mind these videos may be the full game but it’s still unfinished and bugs will be present.

This video confirms that Gridlock will be making an appearance in Gears of War 3. It also got a huge make over and looks even grittier than before. Wether or not this will be a shipped map, or if Epic will offer a “Flashback Map Pack” code with copies of the game similar to how they did Gears of War 2 is still unknown. Just knowing this classic Gears map is making a return is good enough for me.

This next video showcases a new outfit for Marcus titled “Civilian Marcus” and shows off boat load of additional unlocks. Players will receive exclusive weapon skins for playing Gears of War on PC, Bulletstorm, and all three Gears of War campaigns. Avatar items is also listed which suggest the game will feature Avatar Awards which is nice because many games don’t support this feature. Last but not least the infamous Seriously 3.0 is a confirmed achievement, but we really didn’t need to tell you that right? Seriously……..we didn’t need to right?

Previously noted in the last video was certain exclusive unlockable skins for your arsenal. This video displays quite a few of the weapon skins but no details on how to unlock them. The skins range from a beautiful nice set of flowers to a blood red covered Lancer. Then there’s your classic camos like urban, jungle, pink etc.

One of the new weapons announced was the Vulcan Cannon, however Epic didn’t go into much detail at all. So now I present you with this beautiful fucking beast of a weapon and just how dangerous this baby is. Words can not describe this beauty, just watch.

Was that not enough for your blood pumping Gears of War veins? Check out some actual gameplay from some of the new maps not playable in the beta below.



Dry Dock





Gears of War 3 is set to release September 20th, exclusively on Xbox 360.