Welcome to day five of the Steam summer sale. Today’s the day to try out some controversial titles: Homefront and Alpha Protocol.

This year the gimmick is the “prize booth”, where gamers can gain tickets (like you might at a fair) to buy DLC bits and bobs for various Steam games. You can get tickets but completing the achievements set out on this page. There’s also a competition to win the top 10 games on your wish list on the same page.

Of course, there are hundreds of games on sale which can be found by browsing Steam‘s categories, but the daily deals are where the real savings begin. Here is what’s on offer today:

There are also deals on whole catalogues here for your delectation. Check back tomorrow for the next set of daily deals.

Today’s recommendation: the Serious Sam series. Not only is it named like my name, it’s one of the best frantic shooters you can buy today. You could also take Dave and Gavin’s advice on Alpha Protocol and Homefront respectively, but that’s your decision.