You’re probably lethargic just reading the ridiculously long title of the my article, but it appears there isn’t a concise way to describe a collector’s edition of a game that also includes Move support. A cavalcade of awkward phrases is the best I can do. Alas, Sony has announced that the title Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour 12 will also have a Master’s Edition (what EA thinks is a clever way to say Collector’s Edition) of the annual Tiger Woods gravy train ride for the Playstation Move.

The title will come with the Move controller, the Playstation Eye, and the game all for the price of $99.99. That’s a good deal, but I would rather wait for the Resistance 3 Move bundle that will be released for $199. And you can bet that will probably be a better game.

You can start fine tuning your backswing July 11th when Tiger Woods hits store shelves; the game, not the adulterer.