Sure the   gameplay demo shown at  was awesome.  That’s why we awarded it Game of Show. Except you haven’t seen the full demo…until now. Thanks to  we have the full demo below. Who needs the submerged Rapture when you can have the magnificent flying city of Columbia?

Anyone else notice “Revenge of the Jedi”?  For the few that would know, it was the original title of “Return of the Jedi” which was changed because of  “Star Trek II: The Revenge of Khan” which was coming out around the same time, but was changed anyway to “Wrath of Khan” (think I just cemented my nerd status).

Bioshock Infinite will release in 2012.


  1. Hey dingus, Revenge of the Jedi was renamed Return of the Jedi because Lucas felt that the title was too violent and the wrong emotional attitude towards Jedi.

    Also, Wrath of Khan was released in 1982, Return of the Jedi a year later.