Sound impressive? Over 25 hours of gameplay is definitely good for the “Average Joe”.

In a recorded interview with Peter Brolly of , Peter explained the size and scope of Dead Island.  For one thing, the island is huge! Brolly, explains how it will take a player “roughly 30 mins” to walk from one side of the island to the other.  It didn’t end there.  He went on to speak about the number of hours of gameplay an “Average Joe” could expect:

“…the Average Joe is going to get, like, 25 to 30 hours of gameplay out of the game doing the main story and taking some side-missions.”

25 – 30 hours … sounds like it’s in the sweet spot – long but not long enough to be a chore.  But what is an “Average Joe”?  The gaming equivalent to the 2008 presidential election’s “Joe Six-Pack”?

Either way Zombie enthusiasts can look forward to a Dead Island’s September 6th release.

Source: Gamespot via Save and Quit