has released new  details today including new screens, a gameplay trailer, console exclusive details and a release window. KOF XIII will release in North America this October, a specific day has not been given.

 has promised an improved online experience to deliver smooth and stable play which addresses fan feedback from the previous entry in the series. Atlus also promises console exclusive content such as Billy Kane who they describe as:

“a favorite from the Fatal Fury series, is one of the new characters only found in the home console version of XIII. He commands the KOF ring with his segmented staff, deftly keeping his opponents at bay.”

KOF XIII will also offer more stages and game modes not found in the original arcade release. More details on these exclusive goodies will be available closer to release.

The King of Fighters XIII is scheduled to release in October for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Enjoy the gameplay trailer and screenshots below:


  1. Please tell me this is a budge download title… cuz I remember the last KOF game doing rather poorly when they released it as a full $60 game on disc. Honestly this thing screams $20-$30 download title.