The 2011 PSN outage was a dark day for Sony gamers and many feared the PS3 would never recover. Sony wised up and realized giving free games and a month of PS Plus would help and created the  . How successful was this program in “rekindling the activity and trust” of PSN users?  According to a report by EEDAR’s Jesse Divinch, very successful:

“While it may initially appear that the increase in downloads were due to the free offerings, a deeper analysis indicates otherwise, with the four Welcome Back titles removed, users indicated 15 percent of their purchases in June 2011 were PlayStation Network digital titles, compared to 13 percent in March. This positive trend… lends to the notion that consumers can be forgiving if a company is sincere and authentic with its consumers.”

During the program all four titles offered as part of  the US Welcome Back package ranked among the top 25 acquired titles during the first three weeks of the program and  ranked as June 2011’s with landing in 5th place.  Moreover, 17% of IGN users indicated they acquired a PSN digital title in June 2011, which is up from 13% in March 2011 before Sony was forced to bring down the PSN due to hackers.

“Among users claiming title acquisition in June 2011, the PlayStation 3 had a 44% share among 7th generation home consoles, up from 40% prior to the PlayStation Network outage. As with the previous analysis, removing the four Welcome Back titles resulted in a 1% increase in market share from March 2011. While this increase in market share is small, the fact that the PlayStation 3 market share increased both with and without the free offerings indicates that the Welcome Back Program likely boosted sales of other paid content, specifically those available either exclusively through download or those that had a physical or digital purchase options,”