Rockstar Games just released their latest DLC for L.A. Noire yesterday, Reefer Madness. Rockstar has stated via comments to fans that after Reefer Madness, they had no additional DLC plans for the game.

However, speaking with Kotaku, a Rockstar spokesperson stated:

“The game isn’t complete yet.”

While nothing else was said, before the games release the company spoke about the Xbox 360 version being on three disc because there was so much content. So much in fact, that it spilled over to DLC and two desk were completely cut from the game. One being Burglary.

The big question is, if Rockstar does release new content for the game, will it be included in their “Rockstar Pass“?  The pass was stated to give L.A. Noire players all future content for the game at no additional charge. If new DLC is in fact released, one can hope players who purchased the pass will be covered.


  1. If you ask me they should be releasing a new case every couple of months indefinitely, they have the backdrop to pull of plenty of more fresh cases. With nothing to do outside of the story, it would be foolish for them not to do this in my opinion. Heck, polish up all that content that was cut and work in some more cases Rockstar/Bondi! I want to keep coming back to this beautiful game with something to do other than admire the scenery (which is great regardless).