To celebrate Mass Effect 3′‘s producer Casey Hudson’s ultimate ego stroke, gaining 10,000 followers on Twitter, the Mass Effect Twitter revealed a photo of a new squad member. Here’s James Vega, in all his tattooed, beefy, Alliance soldier-y glory:

[Via Twitter]


  1. Woah, thats gotta be the most uninspiring mug I’ve ever seen. Bioware did you get shafted by EA forcing you to create this pointless boring Gears of War space marine clone? Well he can’t do worse than Jacob. Bioware for being famous for your interesting characters (Tali? Garrus, hell even Miranda?) an alliance marine couldn’t be more boring, I hope he won’t be some boring card board cut out. I would rather have one of my other squaddies back!

  2. So gay they added a character that didnt need to be added there are plenty of fine characters now and the relationships can be developed much more instead of adding a no name schmuck