Playdead have just released their award winning black and white puzzle-platforming adventure, LIMBO onto the US Playstation Network for $14.99. Starting tomorrow, July 20th, Playstation Network users in Europe and Asia can begin downloading the game, followed by Japan users on August 4th.

As a one-year birthday bonus, Sony is giving Playstation Plus subscribers a 20% discount on the game for the next two weeks. If that’s not even LIMBO action for you, the official soundtrack is also available on iTunes for $4.99. In case you’re completely unaware of LIMBO’s existence, you can view the trailer below or check out our review!


  1. Eek, $14.99 seems kinda steep. So much for it being exclusive eh? If I remember right, interviews with it’s creator claimed it was 100% exclusive to XBLA… >_> Right… Anyways, Limbo is pretty unique and it’s great that PS3 owners get to experience it now.

    I won’t both, cuz I own it on 360… but still, it’s nice to share right? :P