It’s about damn time.

When Goldeneye was announced for the Wii, the gaming world let out a collective, “Oh… ok”  and rightly so.  Who the hell plays multiplayer shooters on the friggin’ Wii?  But alas, the original was such a classic on the N64, the game almost had to come out on a Nintendo console, and we were happy to review it.  Luckily, Activison, the kings of multi-platform milkery, have up-rezzed the fuck out of Goldeneye and are bringing it to the Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall.

Last night I got to play the new version of the game and I can safely say, it’s the real deal.

The game looks noticeably better (obviously) with improved textures, lighting and shadows all around.  Daniel Craig’s baby blue eyes are finally done some justice.

Luckily, the game also plays better – with tighter, more responsive controls and just enough aim assist to ensure you don’t suck and let the entire world down, James.  The build I played was smooth and allowed me to use both my silenced ppk and noisy rifles like AK’s effectively and with ease.  The game did feel very CoD-esque, but obviously that’s not a bad thing here.  Goldeneye is supposed to feel “arcadey” and “fast” as far as shooters go, as it always has and always should.  This isn’t ArmA, it’s Goldeneye, bitches.

Activison also told me that there will be new multiplayer modes, so get ready for even more online action, this time without having to use friggin’ friend codes.

Why they didn’t bring this to HD consoles originally is beyond me.  But alas, the time has finally come.  The true “next gen” (or whatever you call this gen) Goldeneye experience is finally coming, and it’s coming this fall.

It’s awesome. You want it.  The end.


  1. Maybe it’s because I’ve played too much CoD, and I haven’t played Goldeneye for 10 years, but this game looks just like Cod with a 007 art style.
    Love how the silencer sounds though.