You guessed it! A computer fan is getting reviewed today. You wouldn’t normally see a review of a computer fan on most gaming or tech websites, but for some PC gamers who want a really quiet and chilled computer (of course without the fuss of watercooling), would want to know what fans they should be getting for their system.

Today I’ll be showing you the Noctua NF-S12B fan. This 12cm fan immediately stands out from the crowd with it’s beige and brown colour-scheme, and once you look close enough you can see the tips of each blade are bevelled. This bevelled blade design is claimed to make the noise of the fan minimal. And with noise been mentioned, Noctua have bundled a generous amount of accessories for noise damping and changing the settings of the fan. Naturally you are given 4 standard screws, but along with those I found 4 rubber push-in screws. Well they’re more like plugs, but that’s not the point. With these you can easily push them from the back of the mounting position to securely hold your fan, and the advantage of this would be to compensate any vibration you would normally get with standard screws.

One of the most important accessories to come with this fan was the cables. If you plug this fan in like normal with the 3-pin connector, you will be getting a rotation speed of 1200RPM. There are two extra cables that change the rotation speed, one will lower it to 900RPM for “Low-Noise”, whereas the other lowers it to a further 600RPM for “Ultra-Low-Noise”. Both will again work with any 3-pin fan socket, but don’t worry, a 4-pin MOLEX adaptor is provided which will work with the “Low/Ultra-Low-Noise” cables.Having used this for approximately three days now, I can safely say that I haven’t noticed any added noise, this is using the 4-pin adapter at it’s full speed. With installation being no hassle, fitting it was a snap, the color scheme on the other hand did stand out, this could be a problem for some users with side-windows on their PCs. As for cooling performance, I didn’t have anything to test the heat inside my computer prior to installation, but I can say that this fan pushes out a lot of hot air (I didn’t replace any existing fan with this one).

Here’s The Rundown:

+ Doesn’t lie about being super quiet

+ Excellent air flow

+ Comes bundled with a very nice assortment of accessories

Color scheme could be a turn-off for those with side windows


  1. Definitely a different color scheme. You said it’s not louder than your other fans, what dB are we talking about and how much air does this fan move? A quiet fan that moves little air isn’t as useful as a fan that moves a lot of air and is noisy.

    • What meant by not extra noise, was that I added to my system instead or replacing another with it. So adding an extra fan to more fans would = more noise, but not this fan.

      At 1200RPM it’s about 18dB (A)
      11dB at 900RPM
      6dB at 600RPM

      The airflow is 100 m3/h at the full 1200RPM… which is the speed I have it at. 

      I agree, I’d rather have a noisy system than one that heats up easy.