Remember Batman’s old 70’s look? Maybe, maybe not.

Well, once upon a time The Dark Knight wasn’t so dark and actually wore colors. Well, blue-gray, gray, and a smidgeon of yellow isn’t really colorful in any sense, but it certainly is a change from black, black, and a smidgeon of black. If you thought the 70’s were a better time and you want to unheathily dwell in the past, here’s your chance via Arkham City.

If you pre-order Arkham City from certain retailers, you can grab this outfit and play as Batman before the fashion police got to him and told him his costume color scheme didn’t match.

There’s no other details about how you can get The Not-So-Dark Knight’s 70’s look, although it’s probable that it might come in a DLC pack of some sort down the road or be available via PSN or XBL.

Here’s Batman, donning his old cape and undies:

[Via JPS]