Hideo Kojima has always been a man with vision, and his games have often felt more like movies.

That being said, according to recent comments on Twitter, Kojima-san pushed MGS2 out at 60FPS to make it feel “alive”

The reason for this is because his old VFX supervisor had convinced him that anything above 45fps made our brains recognize it as more realistic… or something like that.

Anyway, it paid off.  MGS2 looked fluid and realistic in a time long before many other producers would even consider a console game at 60FPS.

In fact, MGS3 only ran at 30FPS.  However. it looks as if the MGS HD collection will run at 60fps once again!

Kojima later stated that it was just too difficult to get MGS3 running at 60fps ont he PS2, so he reluctantly had it at 30FPS:

He always goes for realistic sensation… baby

Hideo Kojima, keeping you immersed in his games since 19xx  ^__^