Insomniac Games has announced via the Playstation Blog the official starting dates for the Resistance 3 Beta. Senior Community Manager, James Stevenson stated anyone who purchased the specially marked packages of SOCOM 4 that included early access can begin playing the beta on Thursday, August 4th.

Playstation Plus subscribers in the U.S will also be invited to the beta beginning on August 23rd. Setevenson claims the beta will continue beyond the early access period and they will be announcing additional ways to participate as they approach Resistance 3’s launch date.

The Resistance 3 Beta includes two of the major maps in the game, The Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales, as well as Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia. The beta will also include two of the games five multiplayer modes; Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction, the other three available in the full game include Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag. The beta is capped at level 20, but you can still buy and upgrade your weapons and abilities, customize your loadouts and unlock new character skins.

Resistance 3 will launch on September 6th exclusively on PS3.