You excited for Batman: Arkham City? Of course you are. The arrival of the caped crusader is nigh, and we know your itching for more info. So you’ll be glad to know that Edge Magazine has revealed a nice selection of new details about the game.

  • Bane can now team up with Batman for a series of sub-missions that see the unlikely duo tracking down shipments of chemical contraband.
  • There will be entirely new gadget editions, and the latest to be unveiled is the Remote Electrical Charge (REC). A jury rigged shotgun variant at heart, it grants an instant spark-splattered knock back to foes, or far worse if they’re clad in metal armor and can be used to turn and adversaries breaking weapons of their own into unreliable allies, as they twitch and shudder after being hit.
  • The REC will cause machine gun holders to spray their clip uncontrollably and works wonders on multiple enemies, especially coming in handy against Joker’s one armed thug and his crowd.
  • The new gadget also comes into play during puzzles. A quick blast of the REC will turn some metal objects into magnets as well as acting as a charge to redundant machinery.
  • There are 4 hours worth of Catwoman gameplay in the game.
  • A screenshot displays Catwoman with her goggles on, this is the first sign of her doing this.
  • The main path storyline in Arkham City is bigger than Arkham Asylum’s. This is without taking the side-quests into account.
  • If you fail a side-quest you’re able to return to it in a better state after upgrading your gadgets and abilities.
  • There are other minor mentions of Arkham City in Arkham Asylum (like Sharp’s office) but Sefton Hill didn’t mention them as he didn’t want to spoil anything.

Batman: Arkham City will launch on October 18th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.