Do you like gravity guns?  Do you like challenging side scrollers?  Do you like the always stellar voice work of Jon St. John?  If not, then stop reading this.  If so, then you’ll probably like Rochard.

Coming exclusively to PSN, this challenging, side scrolling, gravity bending tale of a good ol’ boy from the south turned space miner may be just what you need to cure your downloadable addiction this summer.

However, don’t take my word for it, listen to the voice of the man himself, the one and only Jon St. John:

The game does have some gravitas alright.  I sat on a comfy couch and played it for two of the roughly 10 hours it’ll take to complete this tale of space mining gone wrong, and it kept me firmly planted in my seat the entire time.

The gameplay revolves around the protagonist Jon Rochard and his G-Lifter.  It’s a gravity gun.  You use it to pick up objects, move ’em around, throw em at bad guys, ya know, the usual things you do with a gravity gun… Mr. Freeman.

However, there’s more to it than that…

Bend gravity to solve puzzles, use your G lifter to solve puzzles, shoot grenades to… solve puzzles.  You get the idea.  It’s sort of like House of Pain… in space.  Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.  Shut up, that’s funny to me.  Anyhow, the game has more than enough abilities and will have you using damn near every button on your Dualshock 3, often times all at once.

It takes coordination, skill and patience, but the puzzling world of Rochard is certainly fun and engaging once you get into it.

As you progress, the puzzles go from slightly challenging to downright difficult and you’ll soon be thankful it’s a downloadable title with short load times as you’ll certainly see your fair share of deaths.  That is, after you’ve been trying to figure out how to pass through a room full of deadly electric current while you’re floating upside down in low gravity while being shot at by sentry turrets.

Aside from all the puzzling there’s also some blasting to be done by way of your G lifter which also acts as a pew pew lazer gun and will eventually shoot grenades as well.

The story is nothing fantastic, blah blah stop the bad guys blah, but the voice acting, especially on the part of Mr. St. John is fantastic as usual.  He really gives personality to his lines and it’s things like that which will make this downloadable title stand out in a sea of shovelware.

Git R Done!!

As I said before, the game will last you at least a good 10 or so hours of often frustrating but always rewarding side scrollin’, baddie killin’ action.  For a rumored $9.99. it’s hard to not look forward to seeing Rochard and more games like it coming down the pipe on the PSN soon.

I mean, Sony did just dump another $20 mil into PSN exclusive development, so I’m sure some of that could be used to fund future space mining expeditions for John Rochard and his team.

Rochard should be out sometime before Summer is out – so stay tuned for the RipTen review.  In the meantime, enjoy these screens: