I’m a big fan of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion because there’s always something different than what you would normally find on the marketplace. The promotion has given birth to some of the biggest titles on the marketplace, like Splosion Man and Shadow Complex. The year’s crop of Summer of Arcade titles is no different and offers something for everyone, but the biggest title so far is the sleeper hit Bastion.

Following the story of a character named simply “The Kid,” the game centers on The Kid’s struggle to rebuild a haven know as the Bastion while also unraveling the facts behind the event that destroyed the world in the first place, the Calamity. In his journey, his constant companion is an omniscient narrator who describes everything in excruciating detail, and really gives life to the world.

This breakthrough title is coming to Steam on August 16th and will be available via other PC retailers later this year. This version will be DRM-free and will have Steamworks support for achievements, cloud saves, and leaderboards.

If you’re still on the fence about Bastion, (you really shouldn’t be) you can check out our eclectic review by our own Gavin Bard.