A month ago, Turtle Beach announced a partnership with Activision in an effort to milk every dollar from Call of Duty gamers before Modern Warfare 3 even ships by launching limited edition Modern Warfare 3 headsets. These headsets, named Ear Force DELTA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, and FOXTROT in military code fashion, are packed with features that will make any fanboy squeal like a fangirl and everyone else wonder why the hell these headsets are pricier than the consoles they were made for.

Ear Force DELTA will have custom voice prompts from Lt. Col. Hank Kerisey, a veteran, certified badass, and the military advisor for the Call of Duty franchise, so you can make your gritty videogame war experience even more realistic by having a retired officer screaming in your ear as you play.

Both the DELTA and the BRAVO headsets feature field cases for you to protect your headset and show off that you’re insane enough to pay more than $150 for a gaming headset. You’re so hardcore, you.

All of the headsets allow access to an exclusive DLC for the game so that you can have at least one Call of Duty DLC of the thousands to come without having to pay $15 for it… then again, you did pay upwards of $99 for that headset.

Turtle Beach will be releasing more information about each of the headsets this week at the Turtle Beach website, starting with FOXTROT today. The headsets are set to ship to major retailers by October 2011, a month before the game hits stores.

Oh, and here are some pretty pictures of the headsets in their packages. You decide if you’re willing to pay up the ass for these: