Yes, all that and more!! Yarrrr.

Piranha Bytes is looking to create the world’s first open world pirate RPG with Risen 2 and they aren’t cutting any corners from what we’ve learned so far.  Forget everything you know about Risen 1 (especially how it turned out on consoles) and focus on the fact that this game will let you roam around lush islands, plunder booty, recruit a crew of scallywags on your own ship, dual wield pistols, bang wenches and launch parrots at people.  Polly wanna Get Some!?  Yes, yes he does.

I got on a call with Deep Silver (the publishers of Risen 2) the other day on the way back from Quake Con and they were happy to answer some questions for myself and other inquisitive press scoundrels.

"Yarr, the isles be lush... aye"

Daniel Oberlerchner, brand manager for Deep Silver (also known as the guy who showed me Risen 2 at both GDC and E3) was happy to inform the OCD roleplayer in me that there will be lots of loot and gear customization in Risen 2.  Being a rather hardcore PC RPGamer, I like it when every single piece of gear I buy and sell shows on my character.  Ya know, so I can make myself look as badass and/or ridiculously mismatched as possible.  Luckily, you can do that in Risen 2 and there will be plenty of gear options available from the outset of the game, as well as merchants galore to buy and sell new wares, huzzah.  Better yet, you will be able to see how any piece of gear looks on your character before you buy it.  Think of it like the World of Warcraft auction house.

I also asked about ships.  Ships will play a major role in the game and as you journey on ye quest, you’ll have the option to buy bigger and better ships for your crew.  The design of the ship mechanic was heavily influenced by the Normandy from the Mass Effect series.  So, you can expect it to be a place where you can change gear, look at your quests, talk to your crewmates and plot your course.  Just don’t expect to be able to free sail around ala Two Worlds 2, as travel between the lush islands in Risen 2 will occur via a cutscene every time you pick a new destination.  However, I don’t think anyone will complain about Piranha adopting the ship mechanic from Mass Effect, people seem to dig how it works in that series, aye?

"Ahoy, Captain Dicktits!!"

Another interesting feature that was brought up was… parrots.  What would a pirate game be without parrots?!  Well, apparently in Risen 2 you can train parrots and use them to attack your enemies.  For instance, you can launch “Polly Walnuts” (dibs on naming my parrot that) at an enemy to disorient him, and then use that time to… oh I dunno… pull out a blunderbuss and blast him to smithereens.  Yarr!!!  The whole parrot mechanic seems cool and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.  Apparently you can also pick up a skill that allows you to possess monkeys ado things like rob people’s houses in the dead of night… but that sounds so fucking bizarre I didn’t dare ask any more about it.  Freaky Germans are freaky…

Last, but certainly not least, I asked one very serious final question:

“Will Risen 2 have wenches and whores, and can you Get Some?!”

“What sort of Pirate game would it be if you couldn’t?!”  Michael replied.

Yarrr!! Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

Here’s an even bigger tease:

So, there you go.  Intrigued yet?  Michael also said the game will feature 35-50 hours of gameplay, which is nice in a world where any RPG without the word scrolls in it seems to be painfully short.

Look for Risen 2 sometime in the first half of 2012, but until then, look at the rest of these screens matey!! … YARRRR!!



  1. If there is no ship combat then there is no way I will be getting it.  The fact that you can’t sail the seas is already ticking me off.  What pirate game doesn’t let you sail the open ocean.  I mean that is what pirates do.  That and plunder ships… on the ocean!