Just because he’s in jail for tax evasion doesn’t mean Wesley Snipes can’t make games for your iPhone.  Yes, I realize just how ridiculous that previous sentence was.

Anyway, the game is called Julius Styles: The International.  I’m just going to assume it involves you running around, kicking ass and always betting on black.

Julius Styles: The International is a thrilling, action packed game that places players in the unglamorous world of economic espionage. Working for the ‘Assembly’, an elite circle of businessmen bent on channeling global funds into their pockets, players take control of Julius Styles, a young man who recently graduated from MIT and has lost his way. Julius joins on with the Assembly as an economic hitman, an expert in persuasion, blackmail, and assassination. His quick thinking, unorthodox methods, and unmatched computer skills allows infiltration into governments, businesses, and other shadowy organizations.

Simon Phoenix had this to say:

“Evolving from the military special ops, security specialist backgrounds of characters I’ve played in the past, this guy was trained by the streets of today, to be the international player and dot com super spy of the future.” “Fall back, Nino and excuse me, Mr. Bond! I’d like you to meet Mr. Styles, Julius Styles: The International. ”

Willie Mays Hayes then continued:

“This marriage, my vision of a hardcore action movie combined with Lapland’s implementation of a kickass video game, is going to hook you up and leave you thirsty for more,” “Episode 1 is just the beginning. I’ve been waiting ten years for a creative opportunity like this!”

Luckily, he’ll only be waiting another two years to be released from the McKean Federal Correctional Institution.

The first episode of Julius Styles: The International is now available for $2.99 in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. For more information, please visit www.laplandstudio.com.  If enough copies are sold, they say Snipes may be able to ride a Money Train right out of prison, but only if the U.S Marshalls don’t find a reason to keep him locked away.

The game looks fun, but it’s clearly no Infinity Blade

Hopefully this will bring us closer to what we all really want: Passenger 57: The Game



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