This may not have anything to do with video games directly,  but it’s still worth posting. Jeff Fletcher, an employee at Halo developer Bungie, took down a suspected gunman, and even used his own pair of handcuffs to bring the guy in.

Fletcher drove up to an ATM at 8:30 PM on Saturday outside a US bank and watched the suspect shoot another man. Fletcher, a former security guard, waited from behind the ATM for the shooter to come to him before taking out his own concealed firearm.

“I told him to drop his weapon, he dropped his weapon,” Fletcher said to “I told him to get on the ground, he got on the ground.”

Fletcher’s father, a former Seattle police officer, gave him a pair of handcuffs that Fletcher used to bring the gunman in. Of course, Fletcher doesn’t recommend that everyone do that.

“To ex-police or ex-army, or somebody who’s got sufficient training and who’s willing to take on that kind of risk for their loved ones or their community and has the capacity to do it, absolutely.”

Looks like Mister Fletcher finished the fight peacefully.

[Via CVG]