So much pain in those eyes.  Elizabeth… will you ever be set free?

Well, not until 2012.

Until then, enjoy some new screens from Booker and Elizabeth’s already award winning adventure Bioshock Infinite that were released today by Irrational Games and 2K:

Still not enough?  Be sure to check out the entire E3 gameplay demo that prompted us to give Bioshock Infinite “Game of Show” at E3 2011.

If you want to get up close and personal with Booker and Elizabeth, be sure to check out their panel at PAX next week that will look at the characterization of the leads in BioShock Infinite.

Here are the details from Irrational:

Join Ken Levine (Creative Director, Irrational Games), Troy Baker (Voice of Booker DeWitt), and Courtnee Draper (Voice of Elizabeth) along with moderator Adam Sessler (G4) as they discuss the evolution of Elizabeth and Booker as characters, as well as their relationship in-game and its impact on the player’s experience.

PAX Panel Information
When: Saturday 2-3pm PT
Where: Unicorn Theatre

If you can’t attend the panel, you can watch it live at where it will start streaming at 2pm PT.

Stay tuned to RipTen for continued coverage of Bioshock Infinite and Irrational Games.