Every now and then, I come across renders of armor or clothing in games that look incredibly cool, but impossible to fabricate in the real world without a team of scientists working around the clock to bend the laws of physics. The nanosuits from Crysis appeared to be one of those feats of fashion design, though I was fairly certain that it could be brought to life with years of effort and an impressive budget. Perhaps MasterLe247 knew of my doubts, because he promptly crushed them once I discovered his Cosplay page. Holy cow. After sifting through dozens of glorious Iron Man photos, I found this gem. Behold, Nomad made real.

Futuristic soldier is futuristic.

This is a hand-crafted nanosuit replica, made of high impact urethane and mesh. The ridges in the suit were hand-sewn and filled with foam. It even lights up and everyone knows that LEDs and armor are the most awesome things you can put on a costume. Well, maybe latex. I’m also partial to latex.  The mere thought of having to sit down and do all of these details by hand is just staggering. I applaud his dedication and patience.