One of the key features you’ll come across in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the in depth system used to converse with and interrogate NPCs.

Throughout the game you’ll be presented with plenty of tricky conversational situations.  During which, saying just the right (or wrong) thing can be the difference between mission success or failure and even life or death.

SPOILER ALERT:  The following videos made from early gameplay contain minor plot spoilers.

In this first video, watch as I talk a gang leader into giving up a hostage:

That went pretty smooth, eh?  Truth be told, that wasn’t the first time I had that conversation.  In fact the first time I tried to negotiate, he killed the hostage and the second time I tried to negotiate, he took her with him and they were both killed by the police.

That scenario can play out in a variety of ways and what astounded me about Deus Ex during these situations was that even when I reloaded my game and picked the exact same options, Zeke would give me different dialogue.  Yes, they recorded multiple lines of dialogue for the exact same choices – you’ll hardly ever have the same conversation twice.

Needless to say, letting Zeke go was a risky move – but the hostage lived, and I get the feeling they’ll both want to repay me down the line.

In this next video, I have to convince an old cop friend of mine to let me into the morgue down at the police station.  However, he’s not exactly too fond of me due to events in our past.  Watch as I completely fail to convince him, even with my augmented social skills.

And I thought I was so close.  What a volatile personality, eh?

The best part about this is, that’s it.  I don’t get another chance unless I reload my game.  He’s done with me, he won’t talk to me.  That avenue is shut down permanently and now I’ll have to find another way to complete that mission.  Such are the harsh choices and consequences you’re presented with in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Both of these conversations take place within the first few hours of the game.  There’s plenty more, and it gets plenty more interesting.

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