There’s plenty going on for this week in anticipation for the game’s release on September 6th, which is now just a week and a half away. Zombie fans rejoice.

Recently, Dead Island challenges have been added to PlayStation Home. If players complete these challenges, they gain Dead Island gear and some in-game goodies. The zombie takeover has been so effective that close to 10 million zombies have been eviscerated. Noice.

New Dead Island avatar items have also hit the XBLA marketplace, just in case you felt like picking up a virtual Dead Island towel, cap, or (my favorite), the floating “Dead Island”.

And since the Dead Island team’s artists apparently couldn’t, according to the press release, stop themselves from “continuing to draw pretty pictures”, there’s a new digital strategy map of the entire Royal Palms Resort, which includes the locations of all weapons mods blueprints. The map will be made available to you if you decide to pre-order the game from Amazon, which also includes the pre-order bonus of the Dead Island Digital Art Book.