What do you do when you’re the lead role in the hottest video game in the world and you want to know what people thought of your performance?  You ask Reddit!

Well, that’s just what Elias Toufexis, the voice actor who played Adam Jensen in Deus Ex Human Revolution did.

While responding to mountains of praise, he also gave us a little insight about the inspirations behind the character.

Getting into character depending on the scene and was like any other character I’ve played on TV or in games. In terms of inspiration? I never really thought about it. Though the directors initially called him “A young Clint Eastwood” and I think I unconsciously played it that way

Yes I played the original game and yes, good catch, I did let JC Denton influence my performance a bit.

JC Denton was of course the protagonist from the original Deus Ex.  He sounded like this:

For further reference, a young Clint Eastwood sounded like this:

Now, here’s Adam Jensen:

I guess Zeke was feelin’ lucky punk.  What a shame.

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