Yeah, you read that right, folks. Kevin Butler, Sony’s living marketing campaign for the PS3, tweeted that he’ll be quitting Sony to be president of the family flooring business. Yeah, I don’t really get it either, but you have to admit that the man is funny. Even if he isn’t actually a Sony employee, you’ve got to be wondering what this is all about.

Currently, his profile says, “President, Economy Flooring. I’m a man of the people and the people need help. Carpets worn? Hardwoods warped? Linoleum non-linear? Rest easy, KB’s here to help.” Sony, in the meantime, has told Industry Gamers to “stay tuned. We’ll have more info on KB’s new upstart career shortly. In the meantime, keep following his tweets.”

This can only mean one thing. Sony will be a releasing an economy flooring game that’s Move-compatible! It’s the only logical explanation. After all, who doesn’t want to do economy flooring when they grow up?

Stay tuned.