Last month, following Comic Con, Bioware asked Mass Effect fans to vote for the face of the new default Femshep after protests of the lack of Femshep Mass Effect promotional items, despite the series being playable through as either female or male Commander Shepard.

Bioware provided six variations of Femshep, each of a different race in egalitarian fashion. Perhaps heralding back to Metroid, Mass Effect fans chose Femshep #5, AKA Aryan Femshep.

More protests ensued, probably because Mass Effect fans are picky bastards (myself included), and Bioware put up another vote after determining that fans chose Femshep #5 not because… WHITE POWER… but because Femshep #5 didn’t have a butch lesbian haircut. Between the choices of brunette, dirty blond, red, or blond Femshep #5, fans overwhelmingly chose the red head.

So there it is folks, the new Femshep is a firecrotch. Enjoy.



  1. I think all the fuss about this is pretty funny. Who are those lazy people that are not just making their own femShep?
    I’ve got the same one since the first game (also a redhead btw), and gonna keep playing her in ME3.
    Well, I hope at least we’ll get some trailers featuring femShep, it’s about time.

    • i have about 6 various characters.

      my first playthrough is my canon version. the rest (including femshep and bionic/tech powers) are for teh lulz.

      tbh, i would have thought they’d choose a model for her…just like male shep.

      • Huh, I wonder why did didn’t went for a model. Would’ve make her appear less… bland.
        I really should have some other playthoughts as well. I love playing as a sentinel , but it’s about time I chose a soldier (what, no shields?!), maybe even as a male shep.