An avid Fallout fan has created a real-life, working Pip-boy 3000 to sit on his limp, nerdy wrist.

On;y joking about the wrist, by the way. As you can see in the demonstration video of the device (below), it’s too full of electics to have a wrist placed inside. The Pip-Boy is made from a cast shell with an HTC Desire smartphone fitted inside. An “Arduino Uno with a USB host shield running microbridge” acts as “an ADB host for the phone. The Arduino then sends button presses to the phone via TCP over USB.”

Always cool to see stuff like this make it into the real world. Even better is the fact that it (mostly) works exactly as it does in the game, even if it doesn’t actually work as a wrist-bound item. Superb effort from all involved- Ripten certainly approves. Leave a comment below to tell us what you think- waste of time or beautiful dedication?

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