If there’s one thing it seems the video games industry is known for–you know, other than being connected to those murders, large breasts, bald space marines, and dragons–it’s the mistreatment of those that work in the industry. We saw it recently with the closure of LA Noire developer Team Bondi, who had some serious issues with Rockstar. Now we’re apparently seeing it again coming from everyone’s favorite Nanosuit creators Crytek as they come under fire via an anonymous account on Tumblr, of all places.

The account, cleverly named Hire and Fire, has a post regarding the mistreatment of employees that states employees suffered medically due to all the work, but gives little in the way of concrete details. Apparently, Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli was a serious bully to his subordinates. There’s also the mentioning of Crytek demanding six months of crunch time due to management failures, along with employees having no real reason for being fired, and others being fired just because they didn’t accept redundancy offers.

When interviewed by Develop about the allegations, Avni Yerli called them:

“Completely misleading. It is very disturbing for us to think that an individual thinks we have been treating them unfairly. It’s very disappointing.”

Stay tuned to RipTen as this story unfolds.


  1. Wow… I am still a student working towards a gaming industry job. I ALREADY know it will involve long hours, thankless work and tough deadlines. Yes I know the reality of it, because my last job required me to work 100+ hours two weeks in a row to hit a deadline. Also, that 100 hours was without lunch breaks. At least in design studios you have break rooms, pool tables, video games, food, air conditioning and the ability to send an e-mail to your spouse if you are going to be late getting home. I know it is hard, but seriously, is the gaming industry full of dedicated people who love games or a bunch of people who cry when they have to work over 50 hours a week? Tell me now, because if I want to listen to people crying, I can stay at home with my kids and let my wife work…
    I do not say this to be rude, but seriously?!?! It is tough. Do you hear camera crews, extras and even actors (as pampered as they are) complaining about 50+ hour weeks? Have you watched the making of Lord of the Rings!!?!?!? these people worked 16 to 20 hour days in ANOTHER COUNTRY and never saw their families except during vacations. You never saw a single blog, rant or derogatory post from any of those underpaid extras and tech crews working that venue. Pure and simple, they loved their work. They believed in what they were doing. They knew that the art they were making was more important than sleep.

    • I agree.  For every angry former employee with a Tumblr, there are hundreds who would gladly sacrifice all their time to put out the best damn product they can.

    • Well put! I’ve worked on large (and small) film sets, and there’s an understanding that the hours might be long and your boss might be grumpy. It’s a stressful environment, and making games is even harder than making movies, so I imagine sometimes it can be a little insane. But these things come with the territory.