About a month before the original Star Fox 64 came out on the N64, Nintendo Power sent out what is pretty much the most amazing VHS tape ever to subscribers.  Said video featured guys from Sony and Sega (Nintendo’s two biggest rivals at the time) kidnapping Nintendo employees and torturing a Mario doll for information on the upcoming Star Fox 64.

Back in 1997 it was hard for most people to see videos of games before they came out.  A 56k modem was basically the standard and it would take hours to download a 30 second clip.  Forget about HD.  So, seeing a ton of footage from Star Fox 64 before release back then was seriously awesome.

What was more awesome was how this portrayed the console war!  As RipTen’s King Nintendo Fanboy I must say I loved this video to death.  Before Star Fox 64 came out I watched this VHS over and over again.  I knew every line and my tape today even shows signs of wearing out.

This Star Fox 64 video will remain one of my favorite Nintendo promo pieces of all time even after hundreds of viewings.  Even though Star Fox 64 3D won’t have a rumble feature, I still think this video should pump anyone up for the title!

After you see it, I hope you read my Star Fox 64 3D review and subsequently buy Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS because it’s available NOW!

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