Tired of wearing your wizard hat? Sorcerous destruction no longer working for you? Perhaps the new Artificer class in Turbine’s Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is just what you need to encourage another foray into kobold lands.

Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers is now live and available to play, bringing with it a slew of new content for DDO veterans and beginners alike. Included in DDO’s largest update of the year are:

  • New Artificer Class! — A blend of Rogue and Arcane classes, the Artificer uses specially created weapons and mechanical pets to challenge their foes
  • New House Cannith Enclave! — Home of the Artificers, House Cannith is a new high level quest hub where magic and mechanics converge
  • New Content! — Born in war, forged in fury, Stormreach faces its most terrible foe yet. The Secrets of the Artificers premium adventure pack will be available in the DDO Store and Free to VIPs includes:
  • Two New High Level Raids
  • New Wilderness Area
  • 3 new dungeons
  • New Crafting Levels! — Craft all the way to level 150. Plus, craft Draconic Runestones, a new magical weapon available to all classes

There is one caveat: the new content is available today to subscribers (VIP’s), but won’t be available until September 15th via the DDO store for everyone else. Commence the sadness.



  1. Unfortunately even though VIP’s are supposed get all classes included,
    Turbine screwed us over and we have to pay for them (or wait 3+ months
    to earn them for free) Way to go Turbine!